Enrolment 2019

Girls and Boys Brigade Enrolment Service

The annual enrolment service of 157th Girls’ Brigade Company and 2 nd
Ballynahinch Boys’ Brigade Company took place on Sunday evening 13th
October at Ballynahinch Congregational Church. The church was packed as Rev
Dr George Speers welcomed the large congregation of family and friends. He
paid tribute to the ongoing encouragement from parents and the many
volunteer leaders and helpers engaged in the work of the GB and BB on a
weekly basis. The challenge of maintaining the attention of the younger boys
and girls was down to guest speaker Miss Julie Fenton from Child Evangelism
Fellowship (CEF).
GB Company Captain Joy Hall commented, “If you are looking for a fun youth
organisation for your daughter to attend, then why not check out our Girls’
Brigade Company as we have a range of activities to cater for all girls. It is a
great place to meet life-long friends, encourage girls to be more confident and
freer to be themselves. We operate a varied programme through the GB
session appealing to all girls’ interests. Girls work towards badges in four key
areas – spiritual, physical, educational and service. Feel free to contact us and
we will be happy to tell you all about our GB Company and the programme we
have planned for this coming GB session.”
BB Company captain Mark Bell has called on all boys to join the adventure at
2nd Ballynahinch Boys’ Brigade. Mark said, “Today we are passionate about
building bridges into local communities and engaging children & young people
(aged 4 to 19+) by means of weekly groups, special events, local District and
province-wide competitions, community involvement and training
programmes. The Boys’ Brigade offers an experience of life beyond what is
possible in school or at home. We believe that by participating in exciting
activities, making new friends, having fun and finding out about faith, children
and young people can discover and develop their potential.”
For further information, keep up to date on the 2nd Ballynahinch Boys’
Brigade and Ballynahinch Congregational Girls Brigade Facebook pages.

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