Henna Singson

Greetings from SAIACS, Bangalore!

Praise the Lord for leading me thus far – only one and a half month left for me to be finished with my study here. Please continue to pray for me that no problems happen to hinder my graduation. Thank you so much for your continued support – which sometimes I don’t feel myself deserved from my human perspective. I am sure God wants me to do his ministry for which I felt called and continue to do it as long as I could. I firmly believe that God speaks to you and so are ready to support me in this manner still today because without your regular support (the Congregational Church) there is nothing I can do on my own even if I wanted to. I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH once again and praise the Lord because of you all. I am excited to be finished with my studies and go back home to resume afresh my translation work/ministry with new knowledge and vigour. I am really looking forward to doing that with new experience and biblical knowledge. I am praying very hard to God that he would bless me with his spiritual blessings that I could be more fruitful than before and produce better and more meaningful commentary to help with local church elders as I did before. This is always my prayers that God will also bless Ballynahinch Congregational Church to be able to do the work of the Lord more fruitfully in coming days.

Apart from your support for my studies for the last two years, I have so many reasons to say Thank You so much to you all. You are supporting my family also during my two years of studies here at SAIACS. And also, you helped my wife with her major surgery, which I felt so sorry for and painful about, but I had no option. From my human perspective, I could not really understand why and how that had happened to my wife while I am doing theological studies; why God let that happened, I oftentimes thought the time was wrong, really wrong. This is the thought I had had in my mind before I let you know all about my wife condition that she had to go for major surgery. I knew that if my wife had to undergo surgery I had no option apart from asking your financial support to meet for the surgery expenditure. I was so much in confusion about what I had to do that time. But I took all of that to you and you generously met the whole expenditure of my wife’s surgery and now she is completely whole. Praise the Lord.

I was aware of the fact that it is a big thing you to support and meet my studies and my family need during these 2 years and, over and above the financial need for my wife surgery, all together. You generously accepted my request and came forward to support me with all I would need during my studies. I knew that you understood my study-leave position from the office of the Evangelical Congregational Church of India.

Taking everything into consideration, I have come to know and felt so sure about that Only  The Rev Speers and  Ballynahinch Congregational Church, Northern Ireland, UK, is my real partners in God’s ministry who know my commitment and want to see God’s kingdom extended by partnering each other in God’s ministry. I am so thankful to God for giving me godly people like you all to support me in doing the work I committed my life to do the work of the Lord the rest of my life.

Now as I have said, March 30, 2019 (Saturday) is scheduled for Graduation Day for the academic session 2017-2019. God willing, I shall be graduating this time after very long two years studies – hectic and heavy studies for a person like me. Most of my classmates are younger to my son and daughter. I really couldn’t handle what was going on in the class at the start, but God is good and helps me out slowly by slowly and be able to manage myself with the situation at last. Now I have come to the very last part of my studies thank God for all his goodness.

Thank you so much for all the financial support and prayers you have been doing for me and my family for the last two years. I would like to assure you that I gained so much knowledge and experiences from my studies. I would like to give all credits to you all and glory to God, the benefit is to me. May God bless you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Rev. Henna Singson
(Lydia Book Ministries)