David & Heather Cowan2



David and Heather Cowan Prayer update
March 2020


Praise God for an accident free Junior Youth Challenge weekend. The 47 young people who attended

seemed to enjoy themselves. They listened well during the Bible studies and participated
during the Quiet times. Praise God for the capable team of counsellors and for Philip and Ruth
who lead the weekend. It is our desire that what the young people heard will not be forgotten, and
that the non-Christian young people, will trust the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

Please remember David as he visits the clubs that we are not directly involved in, that
he will be an encouragement to each of the teachers and helpers. Praise God for the faithful
attendance of the children at most of the clubs. However, Dromara, Dromore, Kinallen and the
Upper Primary club in Meadowbridge would love to see more children attending their clubs.
Praise God for supplying a new teacher for the club in Meadowbridge. Pray for Rosemary as she
settles in and tries to get to know the children.

Praise God that the wintery weather we’ve been having has not hindered the Good News Clubs too
much, especially those which meet at 6.30pm. Pray, that as the evenings become brighter, the
children will still want to attend club. Often the temptation for them is to stay outside and

Please remember the Springtime week of Prayer meetings. Praise God for the venues that have been
offered to host the prayer times. Pray that more supporters would be willing to come along and pray
specifically, for the work amongst the children and young people in this area.

Praise God for both the prayerful and financial support that the work receives from churches within
the area. Pray for David on Tuesday 24th March, as he takes the Prayer meeting in 1st Dromara
Presbyterian church.

Please pray that as Easter time approaches, we would have opportunities to hold Easter Clubs. Pray
that venues would be made available in areas where there are no Good News Clubs. Children need
to hear about the true message of Easter.

Praise God for the open doors into the primary schools to take their assemblies. Please pray that
these opportunities would continue. Five of the principals, whose schools we go into are retiring in
June. Pray that their replacements will still allow us to share God’s Word with the children in those